The story about us


Hans Ettema, 1961,

musician with an allround technical background. Since his youngest years he has always been very much interested in the American rock ‘n roll and country music, focussed on the sixties, and the typical icons of that period, such as the impressive cars, jukeboxes, gaspumps and other objects of that sort.


Rinus Meijer

Rinus Meijer, 1929,

retired manager in the field of electrical and process control engineering. For many years besides his professional work, he always took great interest in audio techniques for recording and reproduction. Music lover, not only appreciating various kinds of classical music, but  also traditional swing and jazz.

The partner

Tracy Eaves

Tracy Eaves, 1957 ,

musician, fascinated by microphones and other recording equipment since the late 1970’s.  Tracy primarily collected many professional tube, and ribbon recording type microphones throughout his years while living in Tennessee.

Why microphones?

It does not need not much explanation that amoung all the objects, related to Hans’
interest in the US sixties, the microphones of that time fit very well. Successively, his interest in this specific item became stronger. Also, several years ago, he started making rock ‘n roll music together with others. He has produced his own recordings, making use of ‘classical’ studio microphones and recording techniques. From one thing came the other and for quite some time the collecting of microphones and other vitage studio equipment, primarily American, are an important item in Hans’ broad field of interest.

Grew up as the son of the owner of a small electrical contracting firm. On of the activities of this firm was the rental of PA systems for public meetings and theatre work. Also radio distribution systems for hospitals were designed and installed, as well as sound recording, initially on disc, later on tape. In those days, Rinus’ contribution was the design and construction of the necessary equipment. Although his later carreer followed a quite different direction, the interest in audio applications remained. Starting with a couple of old microphones, remaining from his fathers firm, Rinus began his microphone collection by the end of the eighties. After retirement, more time came available for work concerning the microphones.

Excellent drummer and semi pro recording enthusiast.  Tracy’s passion for recording became centred on a common interest with Hans and Rinus 15 years ago.  During the 1990’s Tracy simultaneously worked on a college business degree while collaborating with Hans and Rinus on microphone collecting. Tracy is a stereo believer and often times records the music Night Fall Series Chattanooga TN in M/S (mid side).

Special interests
As far as microphones are concerned, the interests of Hans, Tracy and Rinus coincide for a great deal. Both covering the period since the early radio days until about the late sixtie,s Still, there are some different accents in their approach of the subject. Hans’ primary interest lies in the professional microphones, pre war as well as produced until the late sixties, and of the famous American brands such as RCA, Shure and Western Electric. But also the great Europeans: Neumann, AKG and others are important as well.
In Rinus’collection, covering the period since the early radio days until about the late sixties, besides these great brands, also many non-professional microphones and military types, some of less famous makes, can be found. On basis of his technical specialism, Rinus’ special interest is the study of the design- and constructional features of the various types and models and their historical development. Over the years he also gained a good deal of experience in restoring, repair, and, if necessary, modification of vintage microphones. A remarkable line of interest for both Hans and Rinus is formed by the condenser microphones that the Dutch Broadcast Company (NRU) has developed and built for their internal use during the period from about 1946 until 1965. The same goes for the special microphone production of BBC-Marconi. On basis of his technical specialism, Rinus’ special interest is the study of the design- and constructional features of the various types and models and the historical development behind this. Tracy’s collection interest focusses around professional vintage tube and ribbon microphones he applies for recording purposes.  Rinus, “the worlds best” microphone craftsman repaired, modified and improved many vintage microphones over the years.

Working together
Based on good friendship, mutual respect and trust Hans, Tracy and Rinus have developed a form of coöperation where each one brings in his best capabilities and skills for the sake of improving each others the collections. Hans, taking advantage of a considerable network with contacts in the international ‘microphone world’, does a lot of ‘marketing’and acquisition work. Thus he can obtain interesting microphones, preferably by means of trading. For all three collectors an important aim is to bring the microphones in optimal working condition and to get the exterior in original shape, all this as far as reasonably possible or, historically seen, permitted. Rinus is always available for technical ‘research’ work, advice, repair and restauration of the microphones that are found. Considering the sometimes poor condition of historical specimen, this can mean an elaborate affair! We have an extensive computerised database available, covering technical specifications, publications, diagrams and other information about more than 1500 different models. For all the work Rinus does, he receives no financial compensation whatsoever. Instead he is rewarded with interesting acquisitions for his collection. Over the years, this way of coöperating coöperation has turned out to be effective and highly satisfying. Tracy is offering his historical knowledge, and his extensive microphone network became pivotal to the buying and trading collection process